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  • Some Time to Call Into Question our Values

    Some Time to Call Into Question our Values

    The philosophers of the Enlightenment called into question values related to politics and religion. Within an aristocratic and sometimes despotic world, they advocated for freedom and equality. In doing so, they contributed to laying the political and moral foundations of contemporary Western societies. To what extent are we inclined to question these foundations? Let’s examine […]

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  • “Fighting” Climate Change

    “Fighting” Climate Change

    The expression “fighting climate change” hadn’t really struck me until now. Reading it in a newspaper article, I wondered why it is so commonly used, both in English (fighting, tackling…) and in French (lutter). Is climate change an “enemy”? Certainly, it is a threat to humanity, but isn’t the source of this threat humanity itself,…


Arranging concepts (i.e. delimiting and linking them) in a coherent and concise manner supports or even grounds clarity. However, devising syntheses constitutes an activity whose complexity increases with knowledge growth and academic specialization. Well, without a conception of the world in which we live that is sufficiently backed up and synthetic, how can we define a political, a moral or a personal direction? Unawareness would likely reduce the field of possibilities, wouldn’t it?